I am African. I am female. I am DESTINY

Origination – South Africa. Destination – Global. I visited Cape Town, South Africa late last year, and as you may recall, it was an EXPERIENCE. It was good, it was eventful and it… Continue reading

When he cheated on me.

I’m glad I didn’t turn to a television crew. I got home late last night and as I’m oft to do, I put some noise on television. Lifetime network was featuring a re-run… Continue reading

Educate Me.

No, I meant mother me, father me, sister me, psycho-analyze me. I’m one of the lucky ones, I think. When I was earning my doctorate at Howard University – it’s been exactly a… Continue reading


Reflect. Write. ACT. – It might just win you $300 I’ve been trying to post this for the last hour, maybe even more. I am posting this on behalf of my non-profit, SimpleComplexity, … Continue reading

What is Intellect?

When you’ve found her, clue me in. I met someone recently, who isn’t able to hold my attention much, yet because of my inability to ease out of mindless conversations without hurting people’s… Continue reading

The ROARING Twenties.

Lessons learned about HER. My inspiration for this reflection is thanks to Claire Danes. I was reading an article on her in the January 2014issue of GLAMOUR; “Brains. Beauty. Claire.” Done in the… Continue reading


Reflect. Write. ACT. – It might just win you $300 This week is National Eating Disorders week in the United States of America and I was just reminded that I still hadn’t shared… Continue reading

My not so little miracle

Pia thought I was on vacation. Where do I start? Not so long ago, because it pretty much consumed all of me, after my little girl PiaDora “Pia” Santiago went missing, I posted… Continue reading

Go ahead, be rich; even wealthy, but …

Don’t shove it down our throats. “That’s true: it’s silver, sometimes gold.” — cast member, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”  Let’s start with the Preamble: There’s a reality show on television for every… Continue reading