It’s been Three months.

And a majority of the Nigerian School Girls are still missing. Three questions guide this piece: Q1. Should an individual feel guilty for not being able to do more? Q2. What should the world… Continue reading

Remaining Vegan?

It was interesting, but not a decided lifestyle. To end the first half of this year, I spent the month of June as a Vegan. If I were to sum things up on one… Continue reading

“Love …”

I have never gone looking for love; I’d like to believe that’s a good thing. I grew up learning and understanding what love meant when watching my parents. And I’m not just talking… Continue reading

30 Days a Vegan

One week down. Second week, more greens I started on 1st June – a half year challenge to shake things up a bit. I haven’t eaten meat (beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and the… Continue reading

Don Lemon, you’re not a woman.

CNN Special Report: Monica Lewinsky. At 1:13AM I was going through emails that I haven’t had a chance to review in the past few days, when CNN Don Lemon’s “Special Report” caught my… Continue reading


Call to action: Sign. Post. Update. DEMAND Action – #BringBackOurDaughters.  When a few of us started social media campaigns due to a lack of international coverage on this atrocity, we wanted to create… Continue reading

Open Letter to Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria

Recited at the “We Stand in Solidarity” rally in Washington, DC on 3rd May, 2014 9AM-12PM. When we decided to have this rally, and I was asked to keynote it, my message was… Continue reading


Let’s stand with the Girls and the Women Marching to save our Girls. There are atrocities against humanity everyday, but there should be a louder outcry each time it’s against children. If you… Continue reading

Looking for Nicole Kidman

Sure she’s in there somewhere. Right?  LOL! The whole world has seen the Jimmy Choo pre-fall 2014 campaign featuring Nicole Kidman right?; if not, here’s a view –   Hmm, I still have… Continue reading