Look like a girl.

Have you checked your Political Correctness meter lately? Oh, but you better – if you’re not careful, you’ll get flagged, maybe even ticketed for … you name it. It’s a Man’s world. No… Continue reading

Fatherless Daughters

I started to write this as a letter to my father. The Richard in T.Richard. Especially to share with him a message shared with me by one of my siblings that I don’t… Continue reading

No Pants.

It’s Wednesday about noon and as usual, there’s so much rushing through your mind. “Quiet, please,” you tell your mind, but when did she ever really listen to you? You start to look… Continue reading

Dear Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary Clinton, [Soon to be, First Female President of the United States of America]       You can’t see me of course, but there is a warm smile gracing my face… Continue reading

Dear Reader …

I need your help. I published my first novel and May-June marks my anniversary. I started a ThunderClap campaign to celebrate my BookAversary. But I need your help to accomplish a successful campaign. How… Continue reading

… 5th June, 2015. The Fight in You…

You take stock of your life every year and like the true Type A personality that you are, half-way through the year as well. Well we’re here. So what’s your grade? A, B,… Continue reading

Dear Mother Theresa

Monday 1st June, 2015. Dear Mother Theresa, [Roman Catholic Religious Sister and Missionary] When I was a little girl, I thought I wanted to be a nun – No, I KNEW I was… Continue reading

… 24th April, 2015. Nightfall …

Or is it actually the morning of the 25th? You haven’t slept in 55 hours now, and even you know there’s something wrong with that. You’re not really afraid of the dark are you?… Continue reading

…17th April, 2015. It’s Friday…

What’s going on with you Tosin? Today is a good day, but looking back on the week, “What the heck?!” You wrote a short list to-do for each day, yet you’ve come home, chilled… Continue reading