Take it from Ceasar, the Apes have it.

And it doesn't matter which creation story you ascribe to.

My brother was visiting me from London this past week, and we thought it would be a good idea to catch a movie. Nothing jumped out at us. I think James Franco is cute in an intellectually yet fun way and I love animals (dogs have my heart first) so I suggested Rise of the Planets of the Apes. My brother was still curious about what movies were showing, so he checked out the listings, lackadaisically suggested Cowboys and Aliens, but we settled for the Apes. As you can see, we weren’t emotionally tied to anything we were going to see and hence headed to the cinema with no expectations whatsoever. In fact I noted to him “I think it reminds me of the King Kong movie.”

We went, we saw it, and the reaction when both of us walked out of theatre 15 was “wow, that was a really good movie.”

Typically when a movie is so energetically hyped-up for me, it never lives up to it the hype (this movie received very little hype), so I am not going to hype it up for you at all. All I will say is, the actors are top-notch (no over acting and unnecessary sex scenes) and the apes? – they have it (this coming from a chick who talks to her dogs and would love to see them talk back to her).

image: Rise of the Planets of the Apes as featured on www.theapeswillrise.com.