So what really happened to Meredith Kercher?

The hugely forgotten victim in the Amanda Knox PR-Victory campaign.

I am about three days late on my intended bi-weekly scheduled posting. I had written about something else, and then Sunday October 2nd, I was watching the news and heard that a verdict was expected in the Amanda Knox case on the 3rd. I decided to wait, because now I wanted to write about this case that I had followed intermittently for four years – I was anxious because without a decision I didn’t know what I was going to write.

On Monday when the verdict came, and I saw Amanda Knox buckle down in tears, I was happy for the Knox family but almost immediately, I was reflectively sad. I am one of those that has despised the manner in which the media has somewhat sensationalized the coverage and definitely treated the story with tabloid-like attention. The release of a movie starring Hayden Panettiere and depicting the murder, while the case was still in progress for example, was simply reproachable. If all you read is American media coverage of the case, you will walk away thinking that justice was finally served this passed Monday – maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.

It is hard to decipher exactly what the facts are with this case, but there a few things that are glaring and disturbing:

Meredith Kercher was killed and within the past few days little mention of her has been made in American media;

Amanda Knox lied and knowingly falsely accused another of the murder;

If you blinked, you’d miss that there was another defendant (Sollecito) who also had his conviction overturned on Monday;

And most importantly we may never know what really happened to Kercher.

As numerous media outlets contemplate what is next for Amanda Knox and praises continue to be sung on Morning News about this “amazing girl,” again I am happy for the Knox family, but more passionately, I am in despair for the Kercher family – was justice served on Monday? Will they ever know what really happened?

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