Miami Heat haters…


Yes, even though I don’t know exactly what the definition of a “hater” is, from what I gather, I think it probably applies to me – when it comes to the Miami Heat.  The Miami Heat is an NBA (National Basketball Association – America) team that currently boasts amongst its roster, a certain guy named Lebron James – “The King” as he likes to refer to himself. Together with Point guard Dwayne Wade, the pair of them are really good and I have no problem admitting that. There are other good players on this team (not if you listen to sports commentators), but for the purpose of this piece, I’m focusing on James and Wade, as it is their behavior and the attention it garners that has turned me into a hater of the entire team.

July 2010, James left Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami Heat and it’s the way he announced it that irked me – it was overdone and a bit braggadocios. Then he started playing with them and I watched; after each win, the post game interviews showed zero sensitivity to his prior team and a boastfulness that was unwarranted. Through the interviews, I observed a change in Wade; James was rubbing off on him and I did not like it. I rooted for the Mavericks to win last season and I probably lost my voice when it happened (much love Dirk!).

This morning, SportsCenter on ESPN was the background noise to which I was getting ready for work and Tim Legler was discussing today’s upcoming Miami Heat-New York Knicks game 5 match up. He finished with, “[with James and Wade] no one can beat the Heat this season.” SCREAM!!! – see, this just irks me even more; how about Duncan and Parker (San Antonio Spurs), Durant and Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder), Griffin and Paul (Los Angeles Clippers)?

Even if your team is out, I need you to root for one team, just one team – any team that the Heat happens to be playing. Miami Heat Haters, we have a common goal and that is not seeing Miami Heat crowned the champions this season. Let’s pool our energies together, lets unite.

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