Blogging aint easy.

And the award goes to...

First, I would like to thank God, and then my site visitors.

All joking aside, no matter how corny it sounds I felt special when findingannmacgregor put me on her list of most versatile bloggers. She sums up the whole idea of The Versatile Blogger award much better than I can. What I can say is that my journey has been exciting; I love to write and I am growing more comfortable writing for myself and not others, with the hope that somehow it will align with what some others want to read as well.

I take blogging seriously. I did my research for where to host it (I like wordpress), (I’m still working on the design – hence you may see the background change every few months), I strive to stay true to the frequency that I promise, and last but not the least, the writing. I know there will be some mistakes, but I work hard to sift out every grammatical error and I don’t simply hit post once I’m done writing (please don’t find one in this piece!).

Hence when someone recognizes the work you put into it, not only will I say thanks, but in accepting the award, I will abide by its rules:

1. Add the award to your blog
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Give the award to 15 or more bloggers.

7 Random things about me –

one. I am scared of almost everything I dream about doing and then I dare myself to do it.

two. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as one of my dogs. My female yorkie (PiaDora) knows in her little heart that she is in fact Queen Nefertiti. She is gracious, loyal, the most loving and she runs everything. My male yorkie (AlPacino) is independent, fearless and a true gentleman.

three. When I was thirteen years old, I prayed to God not to have a large bust size and my bust size has remained the same ever since (perhaps it got smaller!). I come from a family of well endowed women when it comes to that area and I didn’t want to be that weighty up there. Now I wish I had waited till I turned 18 or 20!

four. I am an extroverted introvert.

five. I actually don’t think I’m very smart. I finished my bachelor’s at 19, my master’s at 20 and my doctorate at 22. When I found myself teaching in college at 21 I was determined to be great at it because I was sure if my age-mates who I was now teaching found out my age, they’d question everything. Something else that goes along with this one, I hated school. I loved learning and always will, but I did not like school, so it is quite easy for me to work with students regardless of their learning-level and show them a path to get something out of this whole ‘school thing.’ A path that hopefully lends itself to them figuring out their dreams or even finding themselves along the way.

six. I’m afraid of not finding another soul mate. I had that once in Chris and unfortunately, a few years ago, he passed way.

seven. I wish I smiled more.

Now the really hard part (how do you really choose?!); the award goes to –

1. I had to put FindingAnnMacGregor on here and it’s not because she gave me the award. She doesn’t know this but I cried when I first visited her blog. She’s brave to put her internal journey out there. There is so much I struggle with and I wish I could emote in a healing way and I just haven’t figured it out yet (and those who know me think I have it altogether, ha!).

2. Cdn Stormlover’s Life in the Dash Lane  – talk about honesty.

3. The Wanderlust Gene – eclectic in motion.

4. As Sarah Sees it – I like to eavesdrop to see that indeed she is finding her way.

5. Phoebe’s Fab Fix – she seems like a lot of fun (I also get light, flirty and loving).

6. Lies Hurt My Sanity – talk about brutal honesty.

7. The Secrets, The Lies…They Stop here – downright intriguing yet colloquially normal all the same.

8. Tethered Butterfly’s Blog – another fun one.

9. The Dekkers Report – insights taken from a reflective perspective.

10. Mirth and Motivation – indeed a good place to visit for some positive vibrations.

11. Dreams and Reality – most days I can’t tell the difference (in fact last night, I saw both blending together right before my eyes), and it is refreshing to read someone else’s blend of the two.

12. Blissful Blurbs – dare I say, I saw some similarities in our interests that drew me to the writing.

13. Ella Elle L’A – free, laugh out loud hilarious, can be a good self esteem booster and check out the discarded men section.

14. True Love Junkie – lovely poetry (she had me at “You can take the little girl out of LOVE but you can never take the LOVE out of the little girl…“)

15. Reflections in a Puddle – gets me thinking, but not too hard.

I hope any of my site visitors (who earned me this award), check out some of the above blogs and  find something that makes you stay reading or even commits you to subscribe – enjoy!.