Belgian Waffles and Custard among other ‘treats’

Vacation log – Belgium July2012: Second Entry.

My jet lag hadn’t set in yet, so I allowed my mum and brother to drag me to the gym (okay, they didn’t really have to drag me there). Then a whirlwind tour of downtown Brussels commenced. Until arriving, I was unaware of a famous Brussels landmark known as the Manneken-Pis (yes, an entire attraction based on a 24 inch cupid looking statue ‘pissing’.

Then there were the Belgian waffles, that aren’t quite eaten as a breakfast item as I had come to know through my undergraduate dinning hall. No, I was educated by the Belgians I roamed with in Grand Place – pronounced ‘ɡʁɑ̃ plas’ – that it was more so a snack or light dessert, meaning it is hardly ever served alone. Mine I got from a street vendor and topped it off with a mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavoured custard. Dare I say, it tasted like they belonged together, and nothing like the waffles I had for breakfast in school.

By the way, did you know that Brussels is home to Godiva Chocolate? – imagine my pure delight!